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Local Change Affects Business Listings

As part of their sustained effort to engage web users, Google have opted to replace Google Places with Google + Local. The change has reportedly affected millions of businesses across the world. However, some SEO experts have pointed out that there is an opportunity to boost rankings by using the new system effectively. There are substantial benefits to be reaped by those businesses who have received plenty of positive Google + reviews and uploaded high quality videos.

The search engine giants have also revealed that the ratings given by people in your Google + network will have a direct bearing on the websites that you see in the results pages. So businesses should definitely be encouraging their loyal customers to use the new platform.

A spokesperson for the online marketing company Webifusion said, “Since the Google local platform was initially rolled out in 2006, it has witnessed a perpetual series of makeovers. I see this being a continuing trend, and with good reason to user acquisition.”

Google Maps Given Comprehensive Upgrade

In anticipation of the release of Apple’s new mapping application Google have given their service a major makeover. They are giving users access to public transit data, which should be a great help in finding buses and trains to certain destinations. It will even be possible to discover the length of a particular journey, so you can let your friends or family know when to stick the kettle on!

Apart from helping the world’s public transport users, the Google maps update also brings benefits for cyclists. They will now be able to identify routes in very much the same way that motorists have been able to previously. Easily navigable bike lanes and trails will be highlighted, so the cyclists can be sure of enjoying a hassle free ride.

Anybody looking for a clothes shop or plush restaurant will also be able to see the top 5 google reviews on the new API. These are determined by various criteria including customer service and price. They are displayed along with a Zagat score, which has replaced the Google 5 star rating.

Google Refresh The Panda

Webmasters around the may be shocked to hear that Google have made an update to their Panda algorithm. However, there is little to worry about, as the minor changes are set to affect a very small number of websites. Some experts have even said that it’s good that Google are pushing for a cleaner online environment where sites featuring good quality content are richly rewarded.

A Google representative said, “improving the content of individual shallow pages into more useful pages, or moving low quality pages to a different domain could eventually help the rankings of your higher-quality content.”

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