It may sound like a vague phrase, but ‘link building’, the process of gaining hyperlinks from other sites to your own, is a page 1 tactic to have in your arsenal. But why is it so important and how do you actually link build? 

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  1. Ask for backlinks – do your friends or family have a blog or website relevant to your business? Ask for an in-content backlink in exchange
  2. Forge relationships – good link building requires good rapports and there is no shortage of ways to do this: blogs, social media groups, forums and communities are good places to start. Don’t be afraid to make the first move by commenting on a post that could be a good talking point between your business and somebody else’s. This could result in your new contact using a link to your business on their site thus gaining Google’s approval as this will be evidence that your site is a good resource worthy of citation. This could be an on-going endeavour with your new business acquaintance: why not ask them if you can trade a back-link for a share on Twitter?
  3. Start a blog – writing regular and engaging content will keep your users wanting to come back to your site and learn about the latest news in X industry – but make sure you don’t let them down. Blogs must be written regularly in order to be effective and a mistake and a sporadic approach will alienate your audience, who will find other sites to visit when your content is nowhere to be seen. Great content will attract back-links, so make sure you make it relevant and shareable. Did you know that a mere 1-2 blogs per month can increase B2B leads by 70%? Food for thought….
  4. Recover any dead backlinks – everyone finds broken links on their site from time to time such as when the location of your pages changes, resulting in a 404 error.


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