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Details Of Google’s Summer Schedule

Matt Cutts, official Head Of Webspam at Google, has just outlined a series of steps which will be taken as a means of improving the general search experience over the coming months. Firstly and perhaps most importantly Google are to release the next generation of their SEO algorithm, under the name of Penguin 2.0. It is thought that this will place a greater focus on the maintenance of ‘natural’ link profiles.

Leading SEO analysts have suggested that the algorithm update will take account of the speed that links are acquired. Webmasters who build high quality links on a gradual basis are likely to reap the greatest rewards. Those taking part in mass linking schemes may feel the wrath of Google. It is also likely that the leading search engine will pay more attention to factors such as link relevancy and trust.

Matt Cutts went on to mention that Google are planning on taking tougher action against websites which are linked via paid ‘advertorials’. So there’s a chance that more websites could experience the same fate as Interflora over the coming months.

Webmasters who maintain high ethical standards are likely to see these Google plans in a positive light. They may also be interested to hear that Google are intending on developing more sophisticated ways of detecting website hacks and maintaining contact with different site owners.

In Other News

Google have introduced their brand new music streaming service, Google Play Music All Access. Unfortunately it is only available to users in the US at present. They will be able to trial the service prior to paying a monthly subscription fee of $7.99. We’ll have to wait and see whether music lovers are tempted to switch from Spotify and enjoy access to the millions of tracks in the Google library.

Despite Google’s continued dominance of the SEO headlines there have also been some interesting developments over at Bing. One key update is the integration of Klout answers into the main search interface of the Microsoft Search engine. This will mean increased prominance for the ‘Klout Experts’ who write about everything from digital cameras to motoring and budget holidays.