Hello from our team! Over the next few months we’ll be introducing you to the different members of our team here at HookedOnMedia.


This week, co-owner and Director Andrew Thomas answers some quick-fire questions….




1. Best thing about HookedOnMedia?

Working with a friendly team & appreciative long term clients.


2. Favourite work snack? 

A tough decision, as I like my food but don’t snack in the office often. But if a pack of Jaffa Cakes was in front of me they wouldn’t last 5 minutes


3. Distracted by?

Easy, that’s our new table football…..(although used only at lunchtimes!!)


4. Excited by? 

-At work: Growing and developing the business & services, and always looking out for opportunities to make our clients stand out from the crowd.
– Out of office: Improving my golf swing


5. Best thing about your job? 

As a Director & Co-owner, the best thing is being in control of my own actions & quality of life, along with the responsibilities that come with the role. Each day is different and presents new opportunities & challenges which I thrive on.


6. I predict that ….??? 

Tottenham will win the premier league (OK maybe not, that’s more wishful thinking)But I do predict that we will see social channels start to erode on Google’s empire & become main players in search – potentially edging out Google’s lion share within the next few years.
For example Ads via Instagram and Facebook, to paid pins on Pinterest. All provide great investment for these platforms to grow and compete (or potentially be bought out by the big ‘G’). More people are communicating and using social to share information, which will slowly squeeze out traditional search methods. No doubt, Google will continue to change and adapt along with this.