This month’s edition of ‘Meet the team’ features our social media whizz Kirsty Drummond.



  1. Best thing about HookedOnMedia?

The guys here make an excellent cup of tea so I have to say, that is one of the most important factors working here…..

On a more serious note, this is my first marketing/social media position so I’ve really enjoyed learning and developing what I know and having the freedom to do so here – it’s a good nurturing environment.



  1. Favourite work snack?

Can anyone have a favourite snack?! They’re all so good! My go to would probably be nuts or something of the carb variety but I’m also obsessed with mini creme eggs right now – even though we’re way past Easter!



3.   Distracted by?

Guarantee I will be distracted at least once a day by a hilarious Buzzfeed article that will crop up just as I get super invested in my research. I will then no doubt continue to laugh at it throughout the day.



  1. Excited by?

It’s a guilty pleasure but I love Buzzfeed and think it has a great concept behind it. The articles that go up have so many weird and wonderful tangents and never fail to make me laugh – I love that they’re always pushing boundaries on there. We’re living in a golden age of internet media and Buzzfeed is in poll position right now.

Otherwise, when I’m at work I get excited when the things I’ve been working on have had a good response, I feel like I’ve conquered a little bit of the world.



  1. Best thing about your job?

Apart from the fact that some of my funniest days happen in the office, the best part of my job is interacting with people on a different level, spreading the word, or making people motivated or even getting them to ‘like’ a super cute picture of a kitten.



  1. I predict that ….???

I genuinely think that social media is the future. It’s the best tool for getting hundreds of people to interact with each other and take part in things that could end up making a difference. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the role of social media develops over the coming years and the part it has to play in current affairs.