Continuing on from last month’s ‘Meet the Team’ feature, this month we’re meeting co-owner of HookedOnMedia Stewart Roode.


1. Best thing about HookedOnMedia?

I would say our clients & the team. Every project is different, and every client we work with has a unique business & turnover needs.

Whether it’s quick wins or longer campaigns – it’s a very rewarding to see tracked gains.

2. Favourite work snack?

Haha I don’t snack too often.

But I did notice a great selection of biscuits appearing in the office recently when Jeanne came on-board – I’ve noticed they’ve disappeared rapidly, & it wasn’t me.

3. Distracted by?

Tasks further down my task list.

4. Excited by?

The changing & moving industry of digital marketing. Working within that evolution, and the contribution of our work. Some clients are able to target wider geographic areas, market additional products & services & grow their staff numbers for example.

Outside of work – exploring new places both in the UK and away.

5. Best thing about your job?

We’re currently a small team with a high output. We’re able to make decisions & implement changes rapidly.
With marketing – ideas can produce fast results & in the digital environment near all results are trackable. This combination means that we can come up with a strategy, implement it, and then demonstrate the increased sales/leads/traffic & visibility very clearly.

6. I predict that ….???

Smart TV’s & the increase of cross-over advertising. Currently consumers watching television at home are shown a plethora of adverts that are extremely un-targeted, consider a teenager watching a TV advert for a cruise holiday or a senior watching a TV advert for extreme sports – it’s very hit & miss.
As advertising providers (such as Google & Facebook) tie together cross-device browsing habits, linked by account id’s, tracking & prediction – expect tv advertising to become much more targeted.
Expect to see that holiday or those retail goods you’ve been researching online to also appear on your home shared TV adverts, just be careful what you browse for – if you haven’t already discussed with your partner..

Businesses seeking ROI will need to up their game in terms or marketing prioritisation a lot more than at present.
Today the boom of engagement opportunities to reach businesses & consumers is growing at an exponential rate. Previously search engines, display adverts and email marketing were part of an online marketers arsenal. Today consider video, re-marketing, performance marketing, gaming, social platforms & multitude of mobile apps such as Instagram & Snapchat to name only a few. As we move forward, deciding where to place budget focus will be the only way to ensure ROI, having so many options opens the trap of wasted efforts & spend if not carefully implemented.