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Carmen BurrellFinance administrator Carmen recently joined the HookedOn team, expertly keeping the accounts up to date in our Truro office. Originally from South Africa, Carmen now lives in Falmouth (slightly less exotic but equally picturesque!) We caught up with Carmen to find out how she’s been settling in.

1. Best thing about HOM? 

Very relaxed working environment and my first month certainly has been enjoyable. All my colleagues work well together and are most definitely a very positive team.

2. Favourite work snack? 

Yogurt/fruit on strict days and peanuts/South African biltong on not so strict days.

3. Distracted by? 

Nothing. It’s a very relaxed working environment so I can get on with the work required for the day.

4. Excited by?

Hopefully a long future with the company!

5. Best thing about your job? 

Every day is busy and I have plenty to work with. I also love the view!

6. I predict that ….??? –

The company has huge potential because of their positive outlook and innovative market strategy.

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