As we move into 2019, we are joined by Chelsea Porter, the new Social Media Executive here at Hooked On Media. Chelsea will play a vital role managing several social media campaigns for the wealth of clients we support from our riverside office in Truro. 

Chelsea 2

  1. Best thing about HOM?

I’m very new to the team, however it’s so lovely to have people to ask for questions and support. It’s great to see the growth and drive HOM have to their business! 


  1. Favourite work snack? 

Does coffee count as a snack? We have a super lovely coffee shop close by. If not, rice crackers!! Or dark Chocolate!!


  1. Distracted by? 

Instagram! I am a sucker for *getting inspiration* … 10 hours later, I’m still getting *inspiration*. However, it does always keep you on your toes as to what’s happening and trending next!


  1. Excited by? 

Right now, I’m really excited to start making brand books for our clients and fixing up their branding and expanding their following. 


  1. Best thing about your job? 

I get a buzz out of seeing positive results for our clients: watching them grow, gain followers from people all around the world and flourish in their respective fields.


  1. I predict that ….??? 

Video is set to continue growing in popularity on all social media platforms this year – Facebook video has officially taken over YouTube!