Jeanne has been with Hooked On Media for just over 2 years and is responsible for crafting content for a number of clients across a variety of industries. 

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Q. Best thing about HOM?

A. We have a lovely supportive team who look out for each other on a professional and personal level. As we have grown over the past year, the diversity of the writing that has been sent my way has been very interesting and the research I’m doing is making me learn a lot of things I would never have stumbled upon outside of work – ideal for leveraging your quizzing arsenal!


Q. Favourite work snack?

A. Pretty much anything….!


Q. Distracted by?

A. Music – it’s a blessing and a curse for my work as sometimes it helps me concentrate and other times I get a bit too absorbed! I’m that person with their headphones on all day long…!


Q. Excited by?

A. What type of clients we might have next – as we don’t have a particular niche, it leaves the door open for any industry and any business big or small.


Q. Best thing about your job?

A. I love the flexibility that my role offers and I enjoy writing – I recently interviews a Commonwealth medalist and wrote some blogs for the World Cup which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Q. I predict that ….???

A. I watch a lot of dystopian sci-fi that predicts the downfall of the human race because of its rapport with technology like Channel 4’s Humans and Netflix’s Black Mirror – so I’m inclined to say that there might be some truth in these stories! Hopefully we can learn so harness technology and our online presence a little better so that we don’t end up like the characters in these stories!