Our second ‘Meet the team’ feature is to introduce our new social media whizz Jenny Jones. With a background in graphic design, Jenny’s role includes designing eye-catching image content to present alongside social media copy, with a view to fulfilling clients strategic goals. 

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  1. Best thing about HOM?

Incredible friendly work colleagues and the atmosphere is always buzzing and busy which I find really motivates me to want to reach our goals.


  1. Favourite work snack? 



  1. Distracted by?

Nothing… *cough* – I’m always focused…..!


  1. Excited by?

Surf and all things seaside! In my working life, new clients and the opportunity to do something different definitely gives me the buzz.


  1. Best thing about your job? 

The flexibility, people I work with, great understanding bosses that are happy to accommodate you in your work (if that makes sense).


  1. I predict that ….??? 

Stewart will let us have a ‘bring your dog to work day’ or Now that HOM has employed some great freelancers that are exceptional in their field of work. I think the business will continue to flourish this year as we now have Xavia on board who is casting her net wide to attract a myriad of new business. Last month we exhibited at the Cornwall Business Show which was a great experience to meet other Cornish business and exchange knowledge in our respective fields.