We’re delighted to welcome Project Manager Nikki to our ever-growing team. Nikki is a talented and passionate cake-maker and salsa enthusiast!

  1. Best thing about HookedOnMedia?  

My colleagues who are friendly and hardworking and our innovative clients. The clients I have been in contact with so far are friendly and dynamic and it’s great to see people so passionate about their business in this competitive and fast-paced industry.


  1. Favourite work snack?

CAKE! I bake a lot of cakes and am pleased that the team enjoy eating cake- win -win situation!


  1. Distracted by?

A keen interest in the geeky side of the company – I like to find out how everything works and am intrigued by it. I am technically minded and like to know how everything works, I like to know processes and the most efficient way of implementing things.

Last night my 5 year old twin sons asked me to explain how a light bulb works, they didn’t just stop at the light  bulb we went right to ‘where does electricity come from! Runs in the family!


  1. Excited by?

Achieving the best for our clients – I find it exciting achieving the results and targets. Being part of an expanding and successful business with new clients coming on board and working hard to ensure all new and existing clients receive the best possible service.

Making a positive difference whether it be at work or outside of work.


  1. Best thing about your job?

My job is so varied, no day or hour is the same. I thrive on success – Hooked On is a very successful company, I’m very happy to be a part of that.

I also get to sit right next to the heater and look at the beautiful view we have of Truro Cathedral from our office!


  1. I predict that ….???

Hooked On will continue to grow and continue to be the best at what they do. I will need to bake bigger cakes!

What we do SEO/PPC will automatically become part of business set ups, it will become more widespread to assist stagnant businesses and businesses wishing to expand – Hooked On is the future!


If you are looking for an innovative digital marketing company to help you find a top spot in Google, please do not hesitate to contact us.