Introducing our newest team member Charlotte Sams as Social Media Exec – lover of music and comfort at work! 


Best thing about HookedOnMedia?  

There are a number of things I enjoy; the location next to the river makes for a lovely walk at lunch or before/after work, the team here is fairly small so it’s a relaxed and very welcoming environment to join, and the opportunity to learn more about social media tools and techniques is also pretty cool!



Favourite work snack?

I’m vegan and also trying to stick to this no processed sugar thing at the moment, so bananas are probably my current favourite, or spiced nuts & seeds too. I love cooking & baking though, so I have many favourite foods and it’s hard to pick just one!


Distracted by?

Tough question – if I’m feeling awake enough I don’t really get distracted. But when I do, it’s probably doing the research involved in my job – reading different news articles to try and be aware of what’s happening in our clients’ fields of work. You can spend so long learning about all these different fields, and it can definitely become a distraction! If I listen to music I tend to get less distracted so I’m often sat with headphones in for this reason.


Excited by?

Seeing progress through stats! I like knowing the analytics and figures from social channels, learning what works and what doesn’t, and especially when it’s a positive difference.

Also excited by learning new things, like all the tips and tools of marketing, or clever little social hacks.


Best thing about your job?

I work best when keeping busy, so managing multiple clients is a great way for me to keep engaged and challenged. If I’m having a block on content creating for one type of client, I’ll switch to another for a while, this flexibility definitely helps to keep me focused and happy.

Other very good things – the comfy chair and the amount of space on my desk so I can spread out lots 🙂


I predict that ….???

Umm, that Donald Trump will become president? Oh wait, too late.


If you would like to know more about the services we offer here at Hooked On Media, please do not hesitate to contact us.