Our talented graphic designer, Vicki, has been making a huge impact since she joined the team earlier this year. Juggling her degree in graphic design at Falmouth University with numerous creative tasks for HookedOn and our clients, she is keeping extremely busy indeed. We grabbed her in between lectures for a few quick questions.

Victoria Malka

1. Best thing about HOM?

The thing I love most about working at HookedOnMedia is the office; the views are stunning and the people are so friendly I settled in right away! (Oh and let’s not forget the free coffee!)

2. Favourite work snack?

This is an easy one, definitely Nikki’s birthday cakes! Yummy!

3. Distracted by?

Writing lists! When I have a lot to do I spend way too long writing lists of what I need to do instead of just getting on with it… organisation is key though, right?

4. Excited by? 

I am really looking forward to finishing my degree and joining the team full time! With the business growing, I am so excited to see how my role will adapt as our range of client industries expand.

5. Best thing about your job? 

My favourite thing about working as a Graphic Designer is that I get to bring people’s ideas to life – whether it be a leaflet or a social media post it’s always a rewarding experience!

6. I predict that ….??? 

I think video will continue to dominate online and we will continue to adapt and deliver!

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