The ‘Meet The Team’ feature is back, as we welcome 3 new additions, including content manager Victoria Pomberio. Victoria’s role includes writing detailed and relevant content that is on-brand and keeps the client’s strategic goals centre-stage. We find out a little more about her and her personal predictions about the world of technology…

Victoria E1519746386348

  1. Best thing about HOM?

Everyone here is really friendly and easy to work with. The office is in a great location, right by the river with lovely views of the cathedral, and it’s super close to all the shops in town (actually, being super close to all the shops is probably a bad thing!)


  1. Favourite work snack? 

Ooh, I’d be hard pressed to pick between dried seaweed nuggets, organic fermented cabbage, or kale chips. Just kidding, it’s cake.


  1. Distracted by?

Pretty much everything. Hey look, a squirrel!


  1. Excited by? 

Learning! I love researching and figuring out creative ways to present that research to readers in a way that will engage them and keep them reading. I’m a big fan of pub quizzes, so any potentially useful trivia I can pick up at work makes my whole day!

Outside of work, I’m excited by travelling to new places, finding good sea glass beaches, and hanging out with my dog – Cornwall is very dog-friendly, it’s fantastic!


  1. Best thing about your job? 

I love working for multiple clients – it offers a lot of variety, so I’m not just writing about the same thing all the time. Every day I get to become an expert in a compelling new topic, be it the best surf beaches on the north Cornish coast or how dental implants are fitted. It’s also pretty cool that I have coworkers who like baking cakes.


  1. I predict that ….??? 

Only about half of the scary technologies in Black Mirror will come to pass. Hopefully that won’t include the killer Autonomous Drone Insects activated via social media hashtags…


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