A new addition to the Hooked On team, Xavia has already made a huge impact on the company and has nothing but a positive attitude to everything she puts her mind to. 

Xavia E1519910726943

  1. Best thing about HOM?

Everyday I learn so much. The agency is jam-packed with knowledge and experience it’s absolutely awesome, in turn this makes my job a great one to do and I enjoy our meetings with prospective clients where Andrew and Stewart share their past experience in digital marketing, such as Andrew growing up with Google and optimising websites before it ever existed. As a team we have some great chats and lots of laughs which shows a good team dynamic.


  1. Favourite work snack?

Emily’s Cafe in Truro makes the most amazing pumpkin muffins, if I have managed to resist scoffing before getting into the office. Nikki often does a scotch egg run to the Cornish Catering Company who are two doors down, these always go down a treat!


  1. Distracted by?

Everyone’s life hacks and stories. For instance my colleague has an infinite supply of hilarious and informative articles that she reads and we are always sharing ideas, a lot of it is part of the job so I suppose I’m the one who’s most distracted getting to know everyone’s stories!


  1. Excited by?

Film. I’m a creative at heart and I get really excited by watching new films that make a huge impact on you. I love when image and music come together and give you goosebumps. I’m currently making a film for my sisters 30th – it’s by no means professional but I literally get the biggest buzz pulling it all together and matching it with music.


  1. Best thing about your job?

Meeting business owners and learning about their industry and in some cases their new venture. Everyone wants to grow their business with more traffic to their website and more presence online, I really enjoy hearing about their goals and working with the team looking at trends and intuitive ways that we can achieve this for them. The content writers in house are really creative, so if a client has a specific target audience or wants to share a certain selling point of their business it’s great seeing everyone work together creatively coming up with article ideas, social media posts etc that will create lots of traction for the client.


  1. I predict that ….???

On a serious note? I would like to predict that with the ever growing population and tech industry booming, that we’d need to start sharing job roles due to machines replacing people. We’d all go down to part time hours to make room for more employed people and have a 3-4 day weekend.

Perhaps for the extra days weekend everyone should do at least a days volunteering putting back to the planet & education, on a rotation, so you get to take part in all sorts of environmental and teaching work.