Google To Cash In On Shopping Platform

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Any online merchants who sell their wares via Google, may be shocked to hear that the search engine is set to begin charging for product listings. Items that were previously free to showcase via Google Products will soon cost to advertise. In an attempt to appease the angry online marketeers, Google have said that the new system offers a variety of benefits, including a potential increase in revenue for those businesses who are prepared to pay.

A Senior Research Analyst for the Rimm-Kaufman Group said, “While no one is happy about having to pay for traffic that we were previously getting for free, a number of retailers have expressed optimism that the change will help fight price erosion and eliminate low-quality merchants who turn customers off from the entire comparison shopping channel.”


Expert Predicts Bleak Times For Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg can be forgiven for thinking that events are conspiring against him. The average share price of his mighty social network has dropped to below $30 and criticism has been made of the advertisements launched via the online platform. Just to rub some salt into the wound a leading financial expert has cast doubt over the continued success of Facebook in the mobile age.

The Founder of Ironfire Capital said, “Look at how Google has struggled moving into social, and I think Facebook is going to have the same kind of challenges moving into mobile.”

Despite the negative predictions, Facebook remains in a position of considerable strength. As the clear market leader in the social sphere and with enough money to purchase well established competitor companies, they could yet weather the mobile storm.Tweeters Urged Against Flipping The BirdWhile the tech gurus over at Facebook have been racking their brains in an attempt to maintain social media dominance, the Twitter team have been merrily designing a new logo. They’ve given the famous blue bird a fresh trim and renamed it Larry. And so proud are the Twits (or Twitterers) of their new creation that they’ve strictly forbidden any tampering by the online community.Of course a warning by the microblogging service hasn’t been enough to deter people from flipping, and making minor adjustments to the design. Some have even suggested that the bird looks like a cross between Batman and Sonic the hedgehog when turned on it’s head.

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