The IAB’s (Internet Advertising Bureau) annual digital spend report is out, key stats from the report:
Mobile Ad Spend

– Mobile now accounts for 10% of all digital ad spend in the UK. (This was 1.1% in 2009).

– Mobile advertising grew by 146% like-for-like to £526 million in 2012 – from £203.2 million in 2011.

Tom Elkington (director of research and strategy at the IAB) comments are that mobile is no longer an afterthought for advertisers, strategies are becoming more advanced regarding the medium:

“Mobile has reached this milestone because marketers are becoming more attuned to the ‘always on’ nature of consumers who expect to engage with content wherever they are,” Elkington said.”

The top 5 display advertising sectors in 2012 for mobile, as classed by the IAB were:

Entertainment & Media (16%)
Consumer Goods (13%)
Retail (12%)
Finance (12%) and
Technology (11%)

Mobile has previously been marked as an area of huge growth, the stats above are validating all predictions – this kind of growth is reminiscent of desktop advertising curves in the early – mid 00’s, the future is looking bright for Mobile!