The number of active mobile devices around the world surpassed the number of humans on the planet in 2014.


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Personal relationships encouraged by Geofencing – Having a personal bond with customers is one of the biggest developments in marketing strategies in recent years and having access to mobile data allows businesses to cultivate these rapports. This also helps increase conversions and optimise the delivery of campaigns. Geofencing is the use of GPS to realise a virtual circumference around particular locations. So businesses can identify a radius surrounding their store’s area in order to focus adverts to the relevant potential users. When a potential user enters into this area, they receive an advert to their device in conjunction with their purchasing preferences and location preferences. Geofencing allows businesses to cross into their clients’ purchasing habits.

Social media and trade – Social media has become more than a just a way of keeping up with friends and family – it’s now a vital tool for business. A survey carried out by Professional Academy found that 78-84% of consumers rely on social channels when researching new products. 60% of mobile users are interested in mobile adverts – with this in mind, it’s more important than ever to be up-to-date with customers’ habits on social media.

Growth of mobile commerce – 80% of consumers use their smartphones to shop and more importantly to actually checkout. In the wake of growing mobile purchases, businesses should look to include call-to-action buttons to encourage users to buy specific products as well as promoting products on social media – all whilst ensuring that the checkout process is user-friendly.


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