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Page Loading Times Decrease On Mobiles & Desktops

As a keen online marketeer you might be aware that Google takes account of site loading times when assigning website rankings. Indeed, the leading search engine takes this issue so seriously that they recently decided to produce a full scale report on loading times across different platforms and devices. The results were deemed as being positive for site owners and visitors alike.

It was discovered that loading times have decreased marginally on desktop computers over the last year. This is pretty impressive, given that the average lengths of website pages have increased considerably since the release of the Google Penguin. However, the statistic that really stands out is that loading times on mobile devices have reduced by 30%. This improvement is thought to be due to the development of browsers and integration of LTE/4G networks.

British People Trust Google More Than Facebook

A recent survey conducted by media agency ODN UK revealed that British residents have twice as much faith in Google than Facebook. This may be due to concerns about the levels of privacy which can be enjoyed on the major social network. However, Google have come under heavy criticism for sharing people’s details with other companies.

Whatever the reasons for the different levels of trust, the report provides a fascinating insight into the beliefs of the British people. Members of the church would have been alarmed to discover that the same number of respondents had faith in Google as religious organisations. There is also a very low level of trust in politicians and the banks.

A spokesperson for ODN UK said, ‘It really reflects people’s interests. People use Google on a daily basis, if not more, and perhaps they are not engaged with religious institutions in the same way they used to be.’

Google Now Released For Use On iOS Platforms

Owners of iPads and other iOS devices may be interested to hear that the Google Now app is available for download from the App store. It has already proven popular among Android users and received more critical praise than Apple’s Siri software

The Google app takes account of user preferences in the presentation of cards detailing the weather, location and sports results that will be of direct interest to the user. Any cards that that aren’t of interest can be swiped away in an instant. The app has also been integrated with semantic search and voice recognition, for the delivery of the best results based upon user intent.

A Google representative said, ‘We talk about it as the assistant that gives you information throughout the day, without you having to ask. It fits broadly into our strategy: we want computers to do the hard work so users can focus on what matters in their life.’