Anyone looking to be successful in their PPC efforts need to consider mobiles in the equation. 

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Here are some statistics to put what we are outlining into context:

  • According to a Google study, 74% of mobile consumers used a search engine as part of the research process.
  • 93% of people who used mobile research go on to make a purchase.

With this in mind, mobile PPC is an ever-growing factor to pay attention to.

Mobile Ad copy

When you come to creating your ads in AdWords, make sure you opt into mobile. Note that you do not need to have mobile preferred ads to display on mobile devices. Opting into mobile will ensure you are optimised for different screens, giving each user a better mobile experience. When it comes to creating your ads, use mobile-specific wording, highlighting ‘mobile’ in the ad copy or URL name. This will give your business credibility and communication to your users that you’ve thought about their mobile experience on your site.

Mobile landing pages

Not many businesses currently put a lot of time into optimising their mobile PPC landing pages, so this is a good area to put some time into to set you apart from your competition. Mobile landing pages ought to:

  • Be clear and easy to read – avoid large chunks of text and make sure the font size is big enough to read without needing to zoom in.
  • Quick load speed – load speeds should aim to be 3 seconds, as anymore than this will drive people away from your website.
  • Make sure you’re click-friendly – keep in mind that a mobile is a small device – make sure buttons are easy to use.
  • Clear call-to-action – call to actions can be a phone number, link to an email address or invitation to like social media pages.

Scheduling strategies

Knowing when to post is important when it comes to mobile. According to Citi Investment, mobile searches are more popular than desktops in the morning and after work (after 8pm). People also have a tendency to purchase at the end of the day (when they’re home and relaxing after work). Make sure you don’t spend your whole budget at the start of the day and make a conscious effort to schedule your budget to allow for good CPA (Cost Per Action) clicks after work time ends.


If you a hand with PPC for mobile, contact our friendly team here in Truro and we can start creating your bespoke campaign.