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Google Have Launched The Hummingbird

SEO experts across the world were shocked to discover that Google introduced a brand new update last month. The major update has been named Hummingbird and it is designed to improve the relevancy of search engine results. It takes account of the semantic meanings of searches made by Google users. Amit Singhal revealed that the Hummingbird ‘makes results more useful and relevant, especially when you ask Google long, complex questions.’

The introduction of the Google Hummingbird can be seen as a response to the increasing popularity of voiced searches. It has been revealed that people are more prone to entering obscure keywords and phrases when using this search method. SEO expert Danny Sullivan said, ‘ To know that they’ve put this technology further into their index may have some big pay-off’s but we’ll just have to see how it plays out.’

Google Searches Will Be Completely Encrypted

Those of you who take some interest in SEO will probably remember Google’s decision to encrypt the searches made by logged on Google account holders in 2011. This meant that the search data was ‘not provided’ in Google Analytics. It was still possible analyse the searches made by unregistered users as a means of gauging the effectiveness of keyword optimisation. However, Google recently opted to ensure that all searches are fully encrypted.

Google’s decision has prompted some anxiety and anger among the community of webmasters. It has been claimed that there will be some difficulty in deciding which keywords lead to conversions. However, it has been pointed out that alternative search engines such as Bing and Yahoo look set to continue providing keyword data. There is also expected to be an increased level of focus upon semantic search.

Microsoft Bing Has Been Redesigned

Microsoft have made repeated attempts to close the gap between Bing and Google over the last few years. They are now planning the complete integration of a brand new logo, which is very similar to the one used in the promotion of Microsoft Office. New features have also been added in the aim of enhancing the user experience.

One of the major updates has been named page zero. It delivers real time results in line with the terms that users type into the search bar. Individuals who use Bing on a regular basis may also notice that targeted results are included at the top of the SERP’s. And they may be interested in the incorporation of information from the leading social networks.