In 2018 we witnessed significant changes with PPC; AdWords was rebranded as Google Ads (the Google Ads ‘experience’/’interface’), many new campaign types, features and targeting options were introduced and we’ve seen how advertisers have shifted budgets towards Amazon, which has become a serious competitor for Google. But what will 2019 bring? We look into how exploiting the benefits of search and social will boost your PPC and SEM efforts.

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Search and social

Search marketing and social media both have power individually as platforms, the former being a way to reach customers who have intent to find an answer to a question and the latter a means to push highly targeted messages to a predetermined audience. However, when the two work together, they are particularly effective and there has been a shift in using them simultaneously in 2018. Buying behaviour is fragmented, or rather, no two customers purchase products in the same way – the purchasing journey often includes crossing different channel and for this reason combining search and social efforts is essential next year.


How to exploit the benefits of search and social – tips  

  • Use your best performing social posts to create your search ads: identify strong performing posts that had effective wording and place this across all platforms – in many cases, if it works on one platform, it is bound to work on others.
  • Apply remarketing campaigns on search and social channels alike: compile a list of those who converted as a result of search ads including newsletter sign-ups, purchases or contact-form submissions. This list can then be used to create a bespoke audience on Facebook in order to target the same users.
  • Keep an eye on ROI to identify which platform works best for you: If you’re yielding a high amount of conversions from social, be sure to create search ads that point your customer in the direction of your social channels. It’s important to remember that it takes several touch points to prompt a prospect to take an action, so create such touch points.


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