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Google Report On Successful Smartphone Marketing

The technology experts at Google have just released a report on how to maximise the sales of smartphones. Apparently the largest number of sales are generated by those companies who spend a good deal of time marketing their products online, prior to the official launch. Particularly effective methods include the release of positive press releases and communication via the leading social networks.

The smartphone sellers aren’t the only ones who should be concerned with generating a buzz about products that are yet to hit high street stores. As Kissmetrics writer Cameron Chapman recently declared, ‘You need to think through your product launches. Deliberately plan what information you’re going to release and when, who you want talking about you, and how you can turn your product launch into something worth talking about.’

People Spending More Time On Social Networks

The major market research company Nielsen have reported that time spent on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook increased substantially this year. The number of minutes that American citizens devoted to social media went up from 88 billion to 121 billion over a 12 month period. It was reported that a good deal of the online chatter is about favourite television shows and the differing fortunes of companies across the world.

Nielsen have also revealed that the reactions to social media advertisements are changing. People who may once have taken objection to product promotions are now showing some tolerance. The American Businesswoman Sheryl Sandberg said, ‘We really don’t think user experience and marketer experience are in conflict. We think when we do it well, they work together.’

Popular Google Search Topics Revealed

Google have just published a list of the most popular search topics and subjects that trended in 2012. The web users were apparently most interested in the deceased singer Whitney Houston. Gangnam Style, the high octane dance developed by PSY, was also deemed worthy of a search by millions of people. IPAD 3, Diablo 3 and Olympics 2012 are just a few of the terms that can be found further down the list.

There was a spike in the number of people attempting to find out about Hurricane Sandy and the high flying antics of Felix Baumgartner at different points in the year. And a good number of people showed an interest in the meaning of love and how to kiss.