Facebook and social media platforms are now essential for expanding your audience and 2017 will see some changes that could benefit your business – here are a few of them….


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Advertise In Instagram Stories – January 2017 saw the launch of Instagram Stories which has been extremely popular with users. This allows brands to advertise in the 24-hour video stories section and AdWeek have reported that 30 brands (including Asos, Airbnb, Buick and Capital One), are trailing the new full-screen adverts. Instagram Stories is already growing well with 150 million people a day getting involved which is an increase of 50 million users in 3 months.


Facebook users network outsources adverts to over a billion people – The Facebook Audience Network launched in 2014 and has since supported marketers to reach users that are outside of the platform. Indeed, Facebook obtained 1 billion users over 2 years ago but it now has the same number of people viewing the advertising network – so there’s a huge audience out there for whoever wants it! Advertisers who choose to use the Audience Network reach (on average) 16% more people than if they were promoting on Instagram and Facebook.


Facebook has started to test mid-roll adverts – This was recently confirmed by AdWeek. What this means is that Facebook are trailing the effects of using adverts in the middle of videos – the money is then shared with publishers. The adverts will appear if the user has viewed the ad for a minimum of 20 seconds. In 2016, Facebook users were viewing videos for around 100 million hours per day. Mid-roll ads mean that you could purchase adverts within unbranded video content that is related to your business’s target audience.


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