Looking to create a little extra content for your website but not sure where to start? Here are some bread and butters pointers when it comes to writing an accomplished blog post that is SEO-orientated.

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 Keyword research

This should be carried out before you begin writing, so that it can be used within the post in a way that is easy-to-read and not just stuffed in at the last minute for the sake of it. Do some research into the type of language and phrases your audience search for and are likely to find you with. Using these phrases and words in your blog posts will be rewarded by Google and in turn, attract more people to your content.

Consider what you want your blog post to achieve

The purpose of your blog posts is the most important aspect of the process. Think about what questions you want your post to answer for your readers and what you want them to go away with after having read it. It might be useful to note down a couple of bullet points beforehand and refer to these throughout writing the post to ensure you don’t stray off the beaten track.

Work out a structure

Having a consistent structure to your blog posts will seal a sense of brand, as your audience will start to feel a familiarity with the way the layout works. When thinking about structure you might want to think about including:

  • An introduction outlining the topic of the blog.
  • The main body in which the main message is included.
  • A conclusion or summary of the analysis made or information bestowed.

Note that recently long-form content is popular with readers, which means you should be aiming for blog posts that are a minimum of 400 words where possible.

Use headings & links to previous content

Headings are the way a whole page is structured and are therefore an essential aspect when it comes to writing a blog post. They also benefit SEO, helping Google to establish what the main sub-headings of a long post are thus helping your ranking. If you have similar posts about a similar topic on your site, linking back to these is a great way to introduce your reader to other areas of your website and show them that you know your subject matter or area.


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