Do you feel your PPC ads are too dry and drab? Read on to find out how to make them more memorable. 

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Make them look the part

Multi-Image Extensions are available from Bing Ads, giving advertisers the chance to upload 5 images that are viewable when the ad is featured on the top mainline spot. As Multi-Image Extensions are in open beta, advertisers are able to sign up for access. In addition to being eye-catching, Multi-Image Extensions guide the searcher to a more precise landing page, acting as a sort of visual sitelink.

The extension needs at least 5 images to serve and they can serve alongside other extensions like sitelinks. You can use them for any keyword, though the keywords need to be relevant to the images and the ad copy. Make sure you have at least 14 characters of display text for each image.


Push deals and offers

Knowing how to showcase deals and promos is essential in the world of advertising and with our attention spans shrinking all the time, it’s important to know how to adapt. Users will want to know how much something costs, where they can buy it and if it’s on sale. Your ad needs to answer these questions straight away and promotion extensions can help. These draw attention to special offers when users are scouting out the best deals out there and show up under the ad text – they show two lines of text that details the promotion and boost potential click-through rate. Make sure the promo matches with all descriptions and headers and that it is relevant. Remember that phone numbers are not allowed in the promo code field. Price extensions are another way to push promos, giving users a quick view of how much the item costs and where they can be found.



To increase personalisation and relevance, optimise your ad targeting means. When you know your users frequently buy a certain product, you can put out ads on this product and cross-sell them on accessories that match – obviously this depends on the product and context. Make sure you create an audience list that is based on variables that will have the most impact and craft copy that touches on the behaviour you are targeting.


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