At the end of 2018, SearchEngine Journal published the PPC predictions of 25 experts and here, we discuss some of the mot prevalent amongst this list…. 

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Audience targeting

Customers are becoming increasingly selective and doing increasing amounts of research before they buy. With this in mind, marketers need to get through to the correct target audience – Google have been evolving to do the same, giving marketers more options to limit their targeting and present more effective ads.


Machine Learning

A significant trend set to pave the future of PPC is Machine Learning; this technology accesses real time signals and follows the consumer journey across channels. The innovations powered by Machine Leaning announced at last year’s Google Marketing Event included:

  • Google Attribution – helps marketers analyse the impact of their marketing undertakings.
  • In-market audiences – this will help marketers understand purchase intent.


Voice search

It is predicted that a staggering 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020….! Marketers should be looking to channel the potential of voices searches in 2018, as we haven’t seen the half of it yet…! Phone assistants and Google home are continuing to grow, so why not invest some money into keywords? Companies will be pushed to optimise their sites for voice search given this rise and the data will be accessible for marketers to analyse, informing their campaign even further.



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