We may be nearly done and dusted with January, but with the cold winds of February and March looming over us, winters in Cornwall can become a little demoralising…

To lift our post-Christmas spirits, we decided to enlist some new recruits in the form of a table football! Other than table football being one of the greatest things that graced the earth, there are a few more constructive reasons as to why we purchased it….





Football Table 2




Healthy working environment

Haven’t times changed since the days of mundane and uninspiring workspaces? Companies have started kitting out workspaces their employees want to be in, and this includes having facilities such as our table football. At Hooked On Media, we’re creators and innovators by nature and felt we needed that welcome break to inspire us now and again throughout the day! A leader in stimulating office design is Mark Howorth, who preaches that office make-up is central to the way people work.



Team Building

We’ve found that our new table football toy has been a wonder for when our internet goes down – a welcome distraction that actually helps us all to work better and momentarily switch off. Being writers and SEO consultants, sometimes we can end up getting absorbed by our work and not taking the time out to chat together. Team building games, like table football, help us be more social and stop our brains going into overdrive! It’s really important to us that we all have a laugh and get on together – which makes us want to come into work and want to work hard. Why not start a mini-league? Introduce some healthy/light competition amongst your team to bring people closer together. Although you may all have different interests, mini games are a great way to bring you all together.



The importance of the ‘break’

Having a break….This is a concept lost on a lot of people and in a lot of businesses in an endeavour to get as much done as possible – but this is counter-productive. In our digital and fast-moving age, we digest smaller chunks of information and therefore perform better when we work intensively for less time. Sitting at your desk for hours on end without exchanging a word with anyone is no recipe for enthusiasm or quality work, whatever sector you’re in. And it’s not just us saying it either! In a study conducted by the app Desktime, the highest performing people worked intensively for 52 minutes at a time, yielding the best quality of work and getting the most done.