Social advertising has become a key part of digital marketing and changed the way we consume adverts online. Here are a few things to consider when running social ad campaigns….

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Put samples out to test the efficacy your ad copy and images

Social ads offer your immediate feedback via an advanced analytics report, so take advantage of this. Test a few different ads out to smaller audiences in order for you to learn what is the most effective type of text or image and then take the best elements to use in your primary campaign.


Rotate your ads on a regular basis 

Repeating the same ads can be a successful way of attracting business however, when it comes to advertising channels, you’re looking for high levels of engagement. Your ads will be appearing directly in your users feeds where they’re choosing what they see. In order to prevent alienating them, rotate your ads regularly – Hootsuite identified the best practice to be every 3-5 days.


Create your ads with mobile in mind 

More people are now browsing on a mobile or device than on computer, so make sure your ads are accessible on mobile. Think about things like text size, how the design fairs on a small screen, image size, as users will quickly be put off by ads that don’t cut the mustard on their phones.


Having a grasp of how ads are sold on different networks 

You need to think about whether you’re going to be designing an ad campaign based on impressions or engagements as this will help keep your advertising budget under control. When you pay each time a user views your advert (this is known as impressions) then your message has the ability to cast a vast net. On the other hand, if you’re paying for when you get engagement, you’ll only want people who are really interested in doing business with your to engage.



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