So you’ve made plenty of effort to create an effective website for your business but you’ve observed the surge in mobile use and need to get your site up to speed for mobile…. Take a look at some of the must-do’s in 2018 where optimising your site for mobile is concerned…

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Prioritise speed

Google recently announced that mobile page speed would become a ranking factor of 2018; page speed is crucial to your users’ experience and bounce rate.

According to Kissmetrics, a single second delay in page speed could decrease your conversion rate by 7%. DoubleClick recently put out a report that concluded 53% of users will bounce from a mobile site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.


How to reduce page speed:

  • Implement a mobile-optimised web design.
  • Enable caching.
  • Implement accelerated mobile pages (AMP) code.
  • Reduce server response time.


Improve checkout

There is a reason why people avoid making purchases on their mobiles: the checkout process can be awkward and stressful, what with needing to key in credit card details using public Wifi….

There is a way around this; provide customers with the option to switch devices. This will not increase your mobile conversion rate but it will encourage customers to spread the word. A further way to boost mobile payments is to increase secure and trusted payment services like PayPal.

Limiting the amount of clicks it takes to reach checkout is paramount and a mobile landing page will help achieve this.


Scale down content and images

Ensure your CMS (content management system) is up to the job i.e good enough to serve content for mobile users. Optimising content doesn’t necessarily involve writing additional content; meta tags and content length where mobile consumption is concerned.

Writing shorter headlines are more likely to attract user attention when it comes to their social news feed or on a SERP page.


Optimise messaging for mobile

Make sure you do your research regarding consumer behaviour and remember that mobile device are more than simply a device for Google information – they’re now part of people’s identity. Adjust your text ads for mobile to acquire more clicks.


If you would like more information about how we can optimise your site for mobile, please do not hesitate to contact us.