Recent scientific research has uncovered that there is a reason why we are such Instagram fiends, with the average user scrolling for around 30 minutes each day. Here are a few revelations that help to explain why the platform is so compatible with us humans!

Sharing Stories is physically rewarding

It’s pretty clear now that many of us (250 million people to be precise) love using the tools that Instagram has to offer, watching friends, influencers and brands update their Stories and offering us a window into their lives.

According to a Harvard study, 30-40% of human conversation is devoted to disclosing information about oneself. The study concluded that the act of sharing feelings and thoughts with someone can activate the areas in the brain that are associated with reward.

People love faces

The Stories that grab the user have been proven to be those that involve faces. Georgia Institute of Technology and Yahoo Labs researchers looked at 1.1 million photos on Instagram and found that pictures with human faces are 38 percent more likely to receive likes than photos with no faces and 32 percent more likely to attract comments.  CalTech researchers found that neurons in the brain store information about recognisable faces, whilst images of objects, bodies, and group images were harder to retain information about. If you’re looking to grab your users’ attention, consider trying to implement more faces into your strategy – why not take pictures of your employees for ‘employee of the month’ or as part of a blog article such as ‘5 things about Joe Bloggs’.

Real-time events bring people together & build suspense

Stories are narratives that are unfolding in real time, which, as with breaking news, can create suspense and excitement. You can tease your audience with Stories, showing snippets of something exciting happening in your business like a product launch or unveiling. What’s more, we love to share experiences as they’re happening.  Musicians in particular have been utilising this strategy, with Arianna Grande and Shawn Mendes going live with live concerts before album releases, for example.

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