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Allocate time to lower-difficulty subjects 

The optimum you want is high search volume and value with low difficulty, though not all of your keywords will fall into this cross section, so you need to make sure you’re seeking out lower-difficulty topics. 

As cited by Search Engine Land, 

In SEMrush, you can quickly get an estimate for keyword difficulty by clicking “Keyword Analytics”=>”Keyword Difficulty”:

Take a look at the pages that rank on page 1 presently and if you see some popular brand names this means you have higher competition and in contrast low authority results mean less competition and the scope for progress/filling a content gap. 

In conclusion, targeting lower difficulty subjects will help focus your efforts to where they can make the maximum impact. 

Layer your content and optimise internal links 

This means covering the most relevant topics and creating internal links across your pages. The effects that this will have include: 

  • increased brand recognition – when you rank mid-funnel search queries, you build authority that will later pay dividends in the bottom-funnel searches. 
  • this will structure your site in a simpler way for readers and search engines to process. 
  • link acquisition – promoting mid-funnel pages will generate links for your bottom funnel pages if you strategically link within the content you’re promoting. 

Make time for likability and opportunity 

To maximise your outreach, here are some things to consider:

  • Search volume for relevant keywords – no-one is going to be linking if nobody is searching for the topic. 
  • No. of unique domains linking to top results – if the top results can’t cough up any links then you won’t stand much of a chance. 
  • Types of pages linking to top results – do a manual review of the linking pages to ascertain if these types of links are achievable for your site. 

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