To stay ahead in the world of SEO, it’s important to be aware the obvious pitfalls to help you go out of your way to avoid them. 

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Indiscernible name 

Your customers need to be able to find you by looking up your name after they hear it mentioned. Naming your pizza restaurant ‘Little Italy’ may result in Google showing the wrong kind of searches such as tourism related to Italy for example. 

Limiting URL 

You wouldn’t limit your business name, so why limit your URL? Try to avoid URLs that only emphasise one area of your business. Choose your domain name with an eye to expanding in the future, in case you want to incorporate other services and have other strings to your bow. 

Undesirable location 

Your business will only rank in Google’s packs for the city in which you’re physically located. Opening a location that stretches beyond the city that you’re looking to target will not rank you highly for big-city searchers. You should look to have an office in the locality of of the area you are wishing to serve. You can view Google’s concept of any city orders in Google Maps and anything outside the red boundary is likely to be out of the running. 

Unrealistic expectations 

It will never be an easy task dominating the local or local-organic results – it’s a slow burner and no agency should tell you otherwise. You competitors will have worked hard and over a period of time to achieve their position. You will need to create a realistic plan for fiscal survival until you are in a position where a sizeable proportion of your traffic and transactions originate from your web presence. If you want early traffic, be prepared to inbox in PPC. 



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