Using Twitter for business can be an intimidating prospect, particularly with the volume of mixed information out there in the online ether. We’ve put together a few pointers that are direct and surefire ‘do’s’ for Twitter, which you can be sure will help you on your way to harnessing the potential Twitter has to offer for business. 

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Verify your Twitter account 

Stone Temple Consulting conducted a study that found a high parallel between verified Twitter accounts and indexation of their tweets – this is a good indicator that Google considers verified accounts to be more valuable. The more your tweets become indexed, the more your profile page is likely to achieve ranking benefits as well. (rewrite)


Link to your Twitter account 

Many individuals and companies forget to link out their Twitter profiles. Linking directly to your Twitter account from your primary website and other sister sites can help ensure it gets indexed and improve’s its chances of ranking.

This also offers those who visit your site an opportunity to connect with your tweets. Be sure to incorporate your name in the link’s text to reinforce keyword relevance.


Post media frequently 

This is video and images. Generally speaking, tweets that include media receive more engagement and interaction.


Incorporate Twitter cards on your site

Firstly, what is a Twitter card? Twitter cards allow you to attach photos, media experiences and videos to Tweets, driving traffic to your website. Twitter cards allow previews of a web page’s content to appear when tweeted and render the previews more smart-looking than simply copy-based tweets.


Use emojis in your tweets

search engine land concluded that using emojis and special characters in tweets raises levels of engagement. Google has started displaying emojis in its search results on occasion so when/if your tweets get indexed they could receive more click-thoughs from users.



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