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Google Is The First Choice Research Tool For Students

Before the arrival of the internet students turned to textbooks, journals and their parents for the answers to academic questions. According to a report by the Pew Research Centre they now see Google as the primary source of information. While this is good news for online education portals and encyclopedic websites, it is seen as a worrying sign by some teachers. They claim that a fairly large proportion of web based information is either partially or wholly unreliable.

It seems likely that students will continue using Google, despite the promotion of more traditional research methods by the teaching community. As such there will be a continuous opportunity for web based businesses to market their teen oriented products and services on knowledge-based websites.

Google Accused Of Dallying Over Penalisation Of Pirate Sites

A few months ago key Google representatives made promises to the department of Culture, Media and Sport regarding the demotion of pirate sites in the rankings. However, the government body has declared that Google are still to get tough on the copyright law violators.

A key political spokesperson said, ‘The Department is aware of the concerns raised by rights holders that this has not had the impact that they hoped, and, together with industry, we now need to review the effect of the technical change made by Google and consider our options.’

It is known that Google are facing an uphill battle, as brand new file sharing websites regularly replace those that have been penalised. However, they are likely to continue receiving complaints until the search engine pages are completely free of unlawful results.

Google’s Market Share Has Decreased

The technology experts at Bing and Yahoo had good reason to be happy this month as Experian Hitwise revealed that Google’s share of the UK search market dropped below the 90% mark. The Microsoft search engine was the biggest winner, as it’s share shot up by almost 1% from October to November. One of the main reasons for the change is that Bing has been set as default on the brand new Windows 8 operating system.

A representative of Experian Hitwise said, ‘ Online searches for Windows 8 increased by 120 percent throughout October showing the increased online interest for Microsoft’s new operating system. As search continues to diversify however, the market is likely to continue to shift and change.’