Today, it feels like there isn’t an area of business that isn’t tracked and monitored with a view to achieving better results every year and social media is no different – after all, information is power. If you have social media marketing channels, you should be looking to keep a close eye on the analytics surrounding these, as you could learn vital new things about your business….

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So how does collecting information about your business on social media help and what do you need to be doing?  

  • Establish how far reaching your posts are – You should be aware of the impact your posts are having, how many people they are reaching, which posts are bringing readers and users to your website or landing pages. Where Twitter is concerned, you should keep track of which posts are being retweeted and liked which is also true of Facebook and integral content.
  • Grow your following by approaching influencers – Your influencers do not need to be famous people. Influencers are people you identify as consistently sharing your content or sharing your content and getting significant amounts of engagements. Each week, try to take a look at where your secondary activity is coming from and use these areas to your advantage.
  • Try out different platforms – In your industry, certain platforms may work better than others for activity and making waves. For example, a solicitor may not necessarily find that much use for Instagram, whilst a graphic design agency would. Here at Hooked On Media, we can help you to use an appropriate social media channel for your business and get the best out of it.
  • Analytics will save you time – Information is everything. By diligently tracking your results, you will learn more about your business across a number of areas.



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