SEO is a difficult service/concept/thing to quantify! Most people will find it far easier to send out a mail chimp to potential clients than to manage their own analytics and SEO and that’s because it isn’t an easy thing to get right.


The cost of SEO links to potential related keywords and ranking for a local keyword will have a lot less cost associated with it than ranking nationally for a popular keyword. Then there’s whether you want to rank in a county, a city, borough or village – another factor that determines how difficult it is and how much money it will cost.

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Other factors that determine the cost of SEO:

  • Situation – where do you currently sit in Google? Or are you just launching your website from the off? Which leads us on to….
  • Aim – where do you want to be? And finally…
  • Timeline – how quickly do you want to move up the rankings? Of course, anyone who is looking at improving their SEO will need to be patient and cannot expect significant changes during the first couple of months after signing up. It takes several months before you start to move up the rankings, though many businesses do not understand this and give up before they even give it a chance to get the ball rolling.


White hat vs black hat SEO techniques

What is the difference? Black hat SEO refers to using strategies to get higher rankings that involve breaking search engine rules. It targets search engines rather than human beings and is generally used by people who want a quick return on their site. Some of the associated techniques include link farming, blog content spamming and stuffing keywords.

White hat SEO on the other hand refers to the opposite techniques – the one that target a human audience rather than a search engine. These techniques include using keywords and analysis, back linking and blog content that reads naturally for people.

You can be sure that using black hat SEO techniques will set you back, not to mention that Google can fine you for it! White hat SEO is a real investment in your business for the long run and can only ever be a decent one as the online world continues to grow….


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