There has been a substantial amount of buzz surrounding long-form content, but what are the proven benefits and how will it help your brand online? 

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Long-form content is SEO-friendly

The additional keywords in long-form content offer more opportunities to rank for long-rail keywords, giving you additional chances to get found in Google. SerpIQ carried out a study on the average length of the content in the top 10 results of searches and found that they were over 2000 words on average. Much of the reason why long-form content does well in Google is because users spend more time on your website – Google have shown a preference for content that results in a lower bounce rate, factoring this into their algorithm.

Long-form content increases conversion rates

Search Engine Journal looked at a study that pitched long-form content against short-form content where conversions are concerned. They found that the home page with long-form content saw an increase of more than 37%. This can seem confusing when we are forever hearing about how our attention spans are getting shorter in the media. In actual fact, it appears to be that the content of the past has simply been too boring rather than too short or too long! Expect to see much more research invested in the effects of long vs short content.

Long-form gets more shares

The idea of long-form content is to deliver as much valuable information as possible, not to attain a certain word count for the sake of it. It takes the reader from layman’s material to more advanced and complex information within one post. We all like to feel clever, and if we feel we’ve learned something that others might not, we are very often compelled to share it with others (to show off our new knowledge…!). The stats don’t lie either, with BuzzSumo finding that 3000-10,000 word pieces got the most shares (based on analysing 100 million articles).


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