As the digital world evolves, the team at HookedonMedia envisage PR and SEO to emerge as one big happy family.

However, many businesses and agencies have yet to connect the two disciplines together, leaving their PR and SEO campaigns lacking direction due to miscommunications.

Here’s why your business should employ an agency that specialises in both SEO and PR:

What is Online PR?

Online PR is focused on reaching an audience who spend a lot of time online. This could capture blog readers, online news, magazines, forums and social networks. Tactics include SEO-optimized press releases or social media press releases, writing blog posts (on your site or as a guest blogger) that can generate discussions with your target market, creating videos that can go viral, and participating in social networks to connect with key influencers, clients and fans of your business or paid ad search known as AdWords.

What is Offline PR?

HookedOnMedia have recently taken on this service for clients and we aim to use tactics like media relations, speaking at conferences, offering contests, entering our clients into competitions, contribute to print article that are relevant to our clients’ industries as well as take advantage of free radio coverage and paid ads, TV, events, conferences.


Combining both Offline and online PR

Campaigns should be linked because it’s important to get the same message across to both audiences so you are essentially targeting people online who don’t read or watch a lot of TV, or listen to radio and the offline audience who don’t use social or the internet much or in some cases not at all.

Advantages of running SEO campaigns and PR mean that we are:

  • Sharing merchandising/product/campaign/events calendars with the SEO teams which mean there is no duplicating work that has already been done. This saves the client time and money when it comes to getting the right message across on both platforms.


  • The PR team is aware of SEO objectives are and get advice from the SEO team on a daily basis help achieve these with PR campaigns.


  • We already liaise with bloggers and journalists on a daily basis, so by building an online PR relationship makes it easier to build offline contacts as many online publications also have offline magazines and newspapers as well as other networking opportunities. The formula for good rankings in Google comes from a mixture of various kinds of links (directories, social signals and content).

If you would like your online marketing to combine with your offline marketing, give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with a consultation and a detailed proposal on how your business can benefit.