As 2018 draws to a close, its key to identify the trends that are likely to dominate in 2019 and today, we’re looking at the world of social media.

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 Video will continue to dominate

You can pretty much put all your money on the fact that video will continue to grow next year, in particular, live video. Live video has already been around on YouTube for some time but its growing popularity on Facebook and Instagram will make it key for marketers in 2019. If we’ve learned anything in terms of video and users in 2019, it’s that audiences enjoy interactivity and witnessing thing for the first time – a recent example is Arianna Grande’s record-breaking release of her track ‘thank u, next’, which took the crown for the most viewed live video of all time.

Social data: trust and transparency

Data privacy, surveillance and security in the context of social media has been a huge talking in 2018, especially where Facebook is concerned. As a result of the data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica harvesting personal data from 87 million Facebook users’ profiles without their consent earlier in the year, Facebook and indeed other social media platforms have strived to become more open and honest with their users. This transparency was essential in regaining trust from audiences and will marketers will need to implement this attitude in their campaigns and across all aspects of their businesses.

Social TV and vertical video

The most notable shift where this is concerned is the introduction of IGTV by Instagram, a feature that broadcasts long-form video content in a unique way to other social media platforms – it allows you to create vertical videos of up to 10 minutes and 60 minutes if you have an IGTV account. This longer-form video content is predicted to prompt brands to, in a sense, become broadcasters and it offers variety and novelty for mobile usage and PC/Mac alike.

Rise of voice AI for search

By 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches. The iPhone 10 is the first phone to have no buttons and a screen-only set-up, suggesting that the desire to voice search rather than use our hands is growing. What does this mean for marketers? Keep your eye on where voice search is going and test out the new social voice features as they emerge – it’s a great opportunity to innovate in an area that your competitors might not have sussed out yet.


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