Do you feel that your business isn’t worthy of social media because your product might not be the most creatively-focused or ‘interesting’ in the mainstream sense? Think again!



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SEO and creative agencies can help you come up with innovative content that will keep your users interested. But ‘what kind of Tweets, Facebook or Instagram posts can I use?’ you might be asking yourself… Social content does not always have to be directly focused around your products or service. Find angles that are a little bit off the beaten track (but still bear some degree of relevance) to your business and product. Even the most technical of topics can have an alternative, fun or engaging spin on them!

The power of video and visuals platforms such as Vine and Instagram are growing in popularity all the time. Vine allows you to create 6 second videos that loop – the Boomerang feature in Instagram enables you to take images that sit halfway between a Gif and a stop motion video. These are a quick and easy way to make your product interesting and give your brand or business personality.


If you’re feeling under confident about managing your own business’s social media, there are agencies (like us!) who can do it for you, with tangible experience in producing good results and growing a following for businesses. Hooked On Media have experience in managing social media campaigns across a wide range of sectors and we have an adaptable approach to the brand, product and service in question.


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