Instagram has taken the world by storm over the past couple of years. According to Pew Research Center, 40% of all internet users aged 30-49 are on the platform and more importantly in the context of B2B marketing, competition is currently low, with only 30% of B2B companies leveraging Instagram for content marketing. This is sure to grow in 2019, so why not get ahead of the pack?

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Employee advocacy to humanise your brand

Promoting employee advocacy brings about a number of benefits for B2B companies, helping to maximise reach and boost brand awareness. Why not feature your employees in your news feed, showcasing the talent you have as part of your team – users respond well to knowing that a company is made up of individuals who have a background and skills in their area of expertise. Showcasing this on Instagram in the form of an image and quote for example, is a great way of drawing attention to the story behind your brand and team.


Post relevant content to maintain a reputation as a reliable news source

Curating content will help to enrich your B2B’s brand image and will demonstrate that you are in tune with what is going on in the industry that you’re in. This particularly useful if you don’t have any exclusive data to showcase as of yet. Set up Google alerts to help you monitor the web for relevant topics – in order to receive relevant notifications, create your alerts based on keywords.


Use client success stories to establish credibility and trust

A further way to tell the story of your brand is to draw on client success stories. These will establish that you’re legitimate and have real-life examples of how you help your clients achieve their goals. Instagram’s carousel feature allows you to post a series of images – if you offer a service, you could use this to document the story of a client’s success from their initial consultation with your business to the end goal.


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