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Digital marketeers had great cause for excitement this week as Twitter declared the launch of retargeted advertisements enabled by browser cookies. It is known that they have been trialling the advertising system since July. However, it will now be possible for advertisers all over the world to create promotional tweets based on the browsing history of their target audiences.

An Overview Of Twitter’s Retargeted Ads

It is known that the retargeted advertisements will be aimed at those users who have already shown an interest in the products and services offered by select businesses. It’s worth taking the example of a company that specialises in the sale of discounted theme park tickets. They’d undoubtedly have an interest in displaying promotional tweets to potential customers who are thinking of visiting Disneyland in the Summer. The marketeers would be able to inform Twitter of the browsing details of people who’d viewed their banner advertisements and visited landing pages. They’d have the opportunity of issuing Twitter advertisements based on the specific interests of prospective customers.

The new Twitter system is based upon the collection of browser cookie details. It even enables the acquisition of desktop browsing data to use in the creation of targeted mobile tweets. This means that online businesses can target those customers who use their mobile phones and tablets to access Twitter.

Exciting Times For Twitter

An expert on the retargeting of digital campaigns said, ‘Twitter is in a unique position because people log in on both the web and phone. That’s a really big deal because mobile phones don’t have the ability to set cookies so you can’t do retargeting. [Twitter] have a huge advantage, enabling them to provide relevant targeted ads on mobile phones’.

It is worth pointing out that high profile companies such as Hubspot and Delta Airlines have already had an opportunity to try out the new system. Their feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Representatives of Hubspot revealed that the company had realised a significant improvement in user engagement since they started using retargeted advertisements. It has been suggested that other companies will start using the new advertising system as a means of boosting sales in the run up to Christmas.

Digital marketing analyst Gil Regev said, ‘If Twitter can achieve a high percentage of retail sales this month, it will speak volumes for how retailers will view them during 2014.’ There is a chance that Twitter could make up ground on Facebook with regards to revenues digital advertising revenues.