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Are you stumped when it comes to the the bread and butter of social media marketing? Don’t fret, as we’ve given some context and advice below. 

To put social media usage into perspective, consider these stats:

  • As of this year there are 4.39 billion Internet users worldwide.
  • The biggest social media platform (Facebook) has 2.32 billion users, equating to half of the Internet users around the world!

What your pages need to make a good first impression to users:  

  • Unique name – you also want something that isn’t overcomplicated and difficult to find or for users to tag.
  • URL – that includes your site’s name.
  • Cover image – make sure this is high resolution.
  • Contact information – because there’s no point in having a sparkly site when your users don’t know how to reach you.
  • Selection of images – that illustrate the spirit of your brand.

Generating traffic

So you’ve got your bread and butter elements down and you’re now ready to begin generating traffic to your social media pages and indeed, to your website.

  • Post often: social media users receive a huge amount of content filtering through their feed throughout the week. Make sure you post often (several times a week) to make sure you stay in their consciousness.
  • Vary the types of content you post: posting text and an image is a standard foundation for a post; social media platforms now support other formats such as videos, slideshows and polls, so you can be more creative with what you’re putting in front of your users.
  • Share other people’s content: sharing your followers content or your suppliers content (for example) will help you reach a wider audience and individuals who may not necessarily have actively sought out your business.
  • Ask users to engage with your updates: including a call-to-action such as ‘subscribe for more updates’ or ‘comment below with your thoughts’.
  • Make sure you encourage users to visit your website: include a link to your website so people who follow you on social media can visit your website and find out more about your products and services.


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