It’s that week between Christmas and New Year where all we do is eat cheese, wonder what day it is and painfully get through the rest of the Christmas booze. 2016 is winding down, New Year’s Eve plans and costumes are being made and reflections on the past 12 months are morbidly being discussed around Christmas trees and board games.

We think it would be cruel to fill your newsfeed with SEO news and technical words, and instead, we’re going to fill it with a little positivity instead.

This year, like every year, Google has released a video which sums up the previous 12 months. The video takes us on a whirlwind of the losses, tragedy and strife the world has seen in 2016 – from the passing of Mohammed Ali to terror attacks across the globe.

But it’s not all doom and gloom; we’ve welcomed refugees into our homes, supported LGBT rights and stood up for a more equal, loving and accepting world. The message from Google is clear: “Now fill the world with music, love and pride.”