Content curation is content about a specific topic, gathered from a range of sources – it is this shared with your audience and followers. But what are the principal benefits? 


Establishes trust and credibility

Consumers rely on recommendations from their peers. However, they also seek information from other reliable sources and in offering this to them, you improve your brand’s credibility. Backing up your claims with secondary research will allow your readers to learn to trust the knowledge that you share overtime.


Increase brand awareness

Curating content from other sources such as bloggers and brands will get their attention – they will gradually notice that you are sharing and often they will repay the favour by sharing your content on their pages. Make sure you don’t over share a particular brand’s content as this may suggest that you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Use a balanced approach and only choose the types of content that will really resonate with your own following.


Improves bad voice

A brand is nothing without personality, and your users will quickly spot this. When curating content, it’s essential to consider your own brand’s narrative when you share via your social media pages, an email or on your blog. Voice isn’t something that can be achieved overnight so patience is important, but overtime your audience will get a feel for where you stand when it comes to best practices and industry tactics. Bringing in voices that aren’t your own will also be cause to start a discussion and inspire your audience to consider your brand from a new perspective.


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