In 2017, many more businesses across every sector are embracing the power of Twitter and social media in general but there are still those who shy away and believe their product or service does not work well on Twitter or doesn’t offer up enough scope for posts.


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But here is the thing – although your industry or business may appear not cut out for Twitter because the service or product is a bit dull, there are always ways around this to do something creative and something interesting. Certain posts can even be non-industry related or have only a tenuous link back to the product or service.



One of the most challenging things about Twitter is knowing how to cultivate a following. Contacting or tweeting businesses who are in the same industry as you can help – you follow them, they follow you back and you can @ them in posts that they might be likely to retweet for the benefit of their own client base. Think Nike’s #JustDoIt or KitKat’s #HaveABreak.

Use hashtags 

Many people who are not used to using social media for business can be intimidated by the use of hashtags, but when used correctly they can help you with business goals. Get creative with language and create your own regular company hashtags so that you become identifiable and unique on social media. This is how trending happens!

Explore your industry 

Twitter is a fast and effective way to learn more about your competition. Check out other pages related to your industry so you can keep ahead of trends.

Gather feedback 

Engage with your customers by asking for their opinion of your service – this shows that you care about the level of service you are offering and that you listen to your audience, which they will appreciate. Free feedback with no paperwork required!


Use Twitter to advertise special offers and any information you want to get out into the World Wide Web. Combining the pointers on this list: use an effective hashtag for a discount of special offer and use the followers and influencers you’ve gathered to help you spread the word.


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