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Any business needs to make reshuffles and changes in order to survive, not least in the shifting sands of 2019. An SEO audit is an extremely valuable use of your business’s time and if you find you don’t have time to employ an agency full time, a bi-annual audit is essential in flagging up areas where you can improve your digital presence.


Determine the effectiveness of current SEO

The main and most obvious benefit of an SEO audit is to identify the SEO activity that isn’t doing you any favours. Issues such as not including relevant meta tags and descriptions, lack of the right keywords, social media sharing buttons and targeted keywords within your webpages are all examples of areas that are investigated. Duplicate content issues can also be addressed, along with negative inbound links directing to your site. In excavating these issues, you will be taking the first step in beginning to implement a successful SEO strategy.

Checking out your competitors

Knowing how good your business is measured in part, by checking out what your competitors are up to – it’s all relative. You may discover that your competitors are garnering links from relevant websites and achieving good site speed compared to your own. Knowing where their strengths lie is valuable information, giving you the opportunity to invest time and effort in these gaps where they are perhaps outperforming you at present.

Creating a focused SEO strategy

So you’ve identified where you’re going wrong and where your competitors are going right. Now you can focus your attention on making real changes. An agency such as ourselves here at HookedOnMedia can help implement these – they might include:

  • A detailed look through all current blog content on your site and placing the correct descriptions and tags on them.
  • Including quality images across your site and replacing any low resolution or dated images. Here at HookedOnMedia our blog content package includes the use of carefully picked high resolution images for every piece of content produced.
  • Installing social media button plug-ins.
  • Once we have ascertained the keywords that work best for your site, we can use these more frequently across the site and future content and landing pages.
  • Writing predominant keywords in HTML rather than Javascript.
  • Increasing page speed and using Google’s Pagespeed Insights in order to address this.


If you would like more information about SEO audits here at HookedOnMedia, please feel free to drop us a line via email or give us a call between 9 – 5. Our SEO team have worked on global campaigns and helped build strategies from the ground up. We can produce detailed monthly reports so you can have a tangible breakdown of where things are going right and where things might need a little extra attention.