We are all, always trying to save money where we can in business – its no secret! However, one of the crucial areas businesses negate to spend money on is SEO, which is arguably the most forward-thinking road to new business, as an increasingly amount of business is indeed, online.


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So, with this intention of saving money, businesses attempt to handle and cultivate their own SEO as a side project to their principal working role. This is where the problems occur, – SEO is a honed and complex skill that can only be properly successful if embraced by someone who has dedicated experience.

  • Google’s algorithm changes constantly, rendering things very complex and beyond ‘basic’ – This means the results you once expected might not come to pass – competitive SEO requires constant maintenance and the changing algorithm is just one example of these shifting sands.
  • Blogging – You must combine creativity with an online marketing strategy. It’s not enough to write a blog and stick it on google in the hope that someone might read it – even if you’re the next Ian McEwan! Blogging is more than this – you need to be incorporating keywords into your piece so that it can be found by users when they research your sector or topic – this is known as optimisation. You also need to be looking for other high ranking domains who might be likely to share your content, as well as social media accounts that will share your posts.
  • Website design – Does your website have good navigation/is it user-friendly and does it show a strong sense of brand identity? This is all part of SEO. If people do not engage with the latter things on the list, they may leave your site immediately, which can damage your SEO. How? Because Google will be informed that your site is not relevant to their query, affecting your ranking.

In short, the key to a good online presence is collecting information. Analytics is ‘information’ after all, as is PPC and call tracking. The more information you possess about your business, clients and potential clients, the more you can harness this information to make the changes you need to to achieve results.


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