Blogging outreach, and forming relationships between bloggers and people who work in the same industry as you is a vital part of digital marketing today.

Outreach forms one of the main and most important parts of ensuring your website performs well not only in Google’s eyes but in the eyes of your customers too. Being involved in a community, and associating yourself with influencers around the web will make sure you are getting in front of the right people and put your business in the best possible shape to grow. At HookedOnMedia we place outreach at the centre of our strategies – here’s a little bit about why.

‘The way it was before’

Most people involved in the industry are aware of the way it ‘used to be’. Marketers, and anyone who wanted to grow their website, were encouraged to obtain as many backlinks as possible from any site that was offering them. Since Google changed their alogirm, now many years ago, the process has changed slightly.

Transition to a new way of working

Using old methods, that quickly became considered ‘black hat,’ it became apparent to Webmasters and Google that there was very little actual benefit for potential customers of people’s businesses and the end user.

With the advent of huge blogging communities around almost any particular subject, the process of obtaining natural backlinks via outstanding content has become harder, but necessary.

Why is outreach so important?

Outreach puts people first – and unlike submitting your site to directories – outreach is about dealing with real people who care and consider everything they do on their site. This means that you have to pitch right – you have to build a rapport and build relationships that aren’t just about getting the link. Everyone acknowledges that a link is important, and both blog owners and marketers know this, but outreach is about providing a two way relationship that can benefit both parties.

Outreach matters because it introduces a human element to the web. It realises that behind every website there are real people. Google has acknowledged this and in recent years has made life a lot more difficult for people who don’t follow this way of doing things. Outreach at HookedOnMedia is predominantly a manual process – it’s people speaking directly to people and it resembles to a far greater extent old methods of promotion and PR that dictated the advertising activities of yesteryear.

It’s not just about the links

There are so many different elements to your marketing activity – and Google looks at a far bigger picture than you might imagine. Links form a huge part of outreach, but how people interact, talk to each other, discuss ideas and share on social media is as big a part of marketing now than it ever has been. Links form the basis of this – but there is more than one way to skin a cat – and working to build a relationship through successful outreach is part of this.

HookedOnMedia can help you discover the best ways to outreach – from how to pitch, how to form outreach emails, what to say on social media and the best ways to share, collaborate and discuss on most platforms. If your business needs help with outreaching content and this vital part of digital marketing, get in touch with us today or find out more about how our outreach can help you.